Amoroso window cleaning is obsessed with luxury, our obsession has led us to many restaurants that also share that obsession. We have really designed a system around the chain restaurants that are located in Massachusetts that goes beyond window cleaning. The luxuriously clean systems, some of what we offer were suggested from some of the general managers that ran the restaurants in which we accommodated them and custom made packages and services exclusively for them. Other parts of the system were ideas that were born from the hours, weeks, and months of planning and strategy that would bring our clients the maximum value that was lacking in the market place. One of those ideas were literally going and eating at multiple restaurants and looking at the overall customer experience a yummy experience might I add. For example sitting and dining and looking past the window cleaning aspect and looking at the small details like the blinds, seeing if it was visibly dusty an including blind dusting or washing, to add even more value develop a package that would be reasonable to any business that is trying to keep expenses low. Another big one was the light fixtures and the ceiling fans that were covered in dust or the ceiling rafters and decor covered in dust, or flat screen T.V.s surrounding the bar that were to high up for the staff to clean but was supposed to add that luxury vibe. How about the outdoor patio that has gum or some other unidentified yuck cramping the style and vibe of the luxury theme. So we started to put monthly packages together to pressure wash outdoor eating areas insuring that inside was as clean as outside. We were determined to help bring value and build relationships with other brands that portrayed a obsession with luxury. Nothing feels better than dining at a 5 star restaurant or staying at a luxury resort or hotel, or sitting in a luxury vehicle. We said why should a service company that specializes in a luxury service like window cleaning be any different for these great clients. The most important person to our clients is there clients, and the customer experience they have matters, we just felt like the owners of these great restaurants deserved that same luxury customer experience. Not to mention we have surprised the market place with great prices for such a luxury service.

We are currently serving restaurants in Peabody Massachusetts, Danvers Massachusetts , Everett Massachusetts, Medford Massachusetts , Malden Massachusetts , Melrose Massachusetts, Salem Massachusetts, Somerville Massachusetts, Chelsea Massachusetts, Revere Massachusetts, Lynn Massachusetts, Also parts of other states such as NH, RI, ME and expanding everyday. If your looking for window cleaning in Massachusetts or any of the services mentioned contact us.


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