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What is pure water window cleaning?

Well we take a hose and we plug it into our water fed pole system in which the water is purified DI resin and then travels up our pole and we scrub your windows with our professional window cleaning brush to agitate the dirt on the exterior glass services. The jets connected to our brush sprays out the purified water rinses and cleans your windows. Let me explain a little more clearly...

Answer from Amoroso Window Cleaning

All water is pure! it is the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that is not. All water evaporates without streaks or spots .. it is the TDS (what is dissolved in the water) that forms the Streaks or Spots! TDS is measured in ‘parts per million molecules’. So .. the lower the TDS, the less the Streak or Spot!

Water dries in circles ... all water evaporates and dries from the outside to the center. As it dries, some of the TDS stays where it was, but most of it gravitates to the center. Then, as the water dries, the dissolved mineral has no option but to remain on the glass - no different to leaving coffee in the bottom of your coffee cup, and coming back 2 days later - all the water is gone, and the coffee solids remain! Make sense??

So our pure water system enables us to take all the (TDS) out of the water and it is then pumped up our water fed pole which will scrub the dirt off all your windows and we will then rinse the dirt off with pure water. The results after the water dries it is clear and clean streak-free windows.

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